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Contemplating Heaven ©Gemignani

Hey, I’m Shelley Lieber.

My present descriptive nouns include mystic, muse, memoirist, intuitive empath & guide, and tarot card reader & seer. Among my past influences: publishing consultant, book and magazine editor, author of fiction and nonfiction, publisher, and writer’s group founder and leader.

Today I publish Shelley Writes, a blog and newsletter sharing stories, ideas, and Tarot to heal your soul and the planet, featuring the photo-artistry of my beloved husband, Joe Gemignani, lost to this world too soon.

My purpose here and in life is share beauty in picture and word, shining a light that attracts and connects with other light beings engaged in similar pursuits. I am eager to bask in your brightness.

If you’re really curious about how I got here, the long version of the backstory is for you.


Shelley Lieber
Writer. Empath. Intuitive Guide. Tarot Reader.