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Happy New Year!

You Didn't Hear it Here First

#TellThemToday, Part 2

Surrender Control

Retro Rainbows

New Moon & Thanksgiving

Look Forward, Said the Angel

Shelter From the Storm

Of Water and Earth

Hold On and Let Go

Dispelling the Inner Critic

Don't Worry. Be Happy.


What Is the Purpose of Life?

What If the Road Less Traveled Is Also the Path of Least Resistance?

The Queen Has Your Back

I've Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now

The World Needs What You Have to Teach

Before, After, and Middle

It's a marvelous night for a moon dance

Photo Essay: San Francisco & Crockett, CA

The Window of Opportunity is Now Open

Photo Essay: Redwood City, CA

New Moon in Leo: Release Your Inner Roar

Journeys of the Soul

Balancing the Earth and Sky

Photo Essay: Portland, Oregon

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Winter in the Pacific Northwest

New Moon Energy: Focus on Home

Winter in the Pacific Northwest

Summer Solstice Brings More Light...and Change

Winter in the Pacific Northwest

Open Your Heart to the June Super Moon

Winter in the Pacific Northwest

Finding Your Treasure Within

Signals from the Universe?

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

Holding Space

Keep Doing That Happy Dance

Photo Essay: Spring in Seattle

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

Photo Essay: Spring in Seattle

With A Little Help From Your Friends

Photo Essay: Spring in Seattle

The 4 of Pentacles Is Talking to You

New Moon Energy

Photo Essay: Spring in Seattle

Spread for the Collective 4.26.22

How good can it get?

Card for the Collective 4.19.22

Full Moon Energy


Spread for the Collective 4.12.22

The Peanut Gallery, Big Brother, & Will Smith

Tarot Tuesday! Coming April 12


Choosing Chaos

Letting Go to Receive

Life Is A Balancing Act

Where do we go from here?

A Rose By Any Other Name

Jumping from the Bridge to Nowhere

Take your best shot. Then move on.

I can see clearly now. The pain has gone.

Healing Art

It's Time for 'Business as Unusual'

That's What Friends Are For

Less is more. More is better. So, what’s best?