Intuitive Energy Reading

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30 Minutes: $57. Why $57? In numerology, “57” is the number representing Teaching and Learning. It indicates a time of growth and wisdom.


60 Minutes: $111. Why $111? It’s a bit of discount for booking the longer session, but I chose “111” because of its association with spiritual divine messages.


What is an intuitive energy reading?

Intuitive senses are sometimes called clairs (French for clear, light, or bright) and correspond with psychic abilities to see, hear, feel, or know the nonphysical energetic aspects affecting us.

As an empath and highly sensitive person, my senses of clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing) are the strongest. However, I also access information via clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairvoyance (clear seeing).

An intuitive reading is a session between the querent (person asking the question) and myself where I use my intuitive gifts and various divination tools to provide the guidance requested.

What happens during a reading?

Whether in-person or via Zoom, a session begins with a clearing of the space and setting of intention to receive only information that is true, authentic, and supports the highest good of all.

It’s best to come prepared with one to three questions (preferably related and not completely different topics) to explore. “What do I need to know?” is a perfectly acceptable query if you are uncertain about where to begin.

With your permission, I tune into your energy to determine the best structure and divination tools for the reading. Each session is unique and structured to meet your needs. Depending on the length of the session or complexity of the issue, your session may include a combination of Tarot and/or Oracle card reading, chakra alignment and balancing, or guided meditation to release old energy that no longer serves or supports your highest good.

Sessions conclude with a statement of support or affirmation as well as a closing of the energetic container, restoring personal energies to each participant’s own body. I am meticulous about maintaining clear energetic boundaries for my clients and myself.

My Background and Training for this Work

I believe I inherited these gifts from my mother. Although we did not have the identifying language or social awareness at the time to name it, I have clear memories of her “knowing” things without logical explanation. She knew a lie when she heard one and had a seemingly infallible sense of a person’s true nature. Even strangers were drawn to her and often shared intimate, secret details of their lives at first meeting, asking for advice.

All humans have inherent intuition, but like all traits, intuitive senses express more naturally in some than others. Although I was instinctively aware of my intuition and learned to rely on it for decisions, it wasn’t until I lost my husband in a very short span of time from cancer diagnosis to death at the height of Covid isolation that these gifts truly surfaced in a mega way.

Experiencing my deep personal grief at the apex of global collective grief catapulted my energetic system into hyper-awareness, and suddenly I found myself embodying the pain and emotional distress of the planet in addition to my own.

I also became aware that my connection to those who had transitioned from form back to spirit was much stronger. I always had a sense of being in contact with loved ones who had passed, but I felt my husband’s presence with me from the moment he left his body. My desire to strengthen my ability to communicate with him led me down a very new path of exploration.

Due to habits developed in a lifelong career in publishing and writing, I pursued my questions with extensive research into the energetic (quantum physics) and metaphysical realms. I took courses and enrolled in programs that explained what was happening to me and so many others around the world in a time of global crisis.

My search led me to the School of Intuitive Studies. My initial venture was a two-month course on healing energetic wounds, a profound experience that prompted me to pursue a two-year certification course in intuitive healing. I am presently in my second year.

This training—in addition to my years of experience as a consultant, guiding authors on how to write and publish their work—is the framework within which I practice my inborn gifts, assisting others to develop their intuition and abilities to navigate the joys and challenges of this life.

It is my sincere desire and my calling to be a guide for those seeking help in an age where expanded consciousness is evolving as the one true path to living your purpose and best life. I look forward to working with you.