Intuitive Energy Sessions

Whether in-person or via Zoom, every intuitive session begins with a clearing of the space and setting of intention to receive only information that is true, authentic, and supports your highest good. Sessions conclude with a statement of support or affirmation as well as a closing of the energetic container, restoring personal energies to each participant’s own body. I am meticulous about maintaining clear energetic boundaries for my clients and myself.

Tarot Reading

30-minute intuitive reading using non-traditional Tarot and Oracle Cards. My decks are modern, beautifully illustrated cards, revealing underlying truths and messages that I interpret for you. It’s best to come prepared with one to three questions (preferably related) to explore. “What do I need to know?” is a perfectly acceptable query if you are uncertain about where to begin.

30 Minutes: $57.


Intuitive Energy Healing

Each 60-minute session is unique and structured to meet your needs. I tune into your energy to determine the best practices for the healing. Depending on the complexity of the issue, your session may include a combination of chakra alignment, energy balancing, card reading, or guided meditation to release old energy that no longer serves or supports your highest good.

60 Minutes: $111.


My Background and Training for this Work

Hello! I’m Shelley—Energy Intuitive, Healer, Sage, Mystic, Muse and Writer! But if I had to choose one word to describe what I do, it might be storyteller. I come from a 40+ year career in publishing, so it’s natural for me to tell stories. Now, in addition to books, I read cards, people, and energy using my gift for reading between the lines to uncover the deepest and most authentic truth in everyone’s story.  I use my intuition, ancient healing practices, and divination tools to help you improve your health, relationships, and live your soul purpose.

Shifting the focus of my intuitive skills from publishing to energy work was a natural transition for me, but still I sought additional training to administer my gifts in the most professional, effective, and uplifting way possible. Many years of study in the energy healing arts culminated in becoming a Certified Intuitive Energy Healer with Wendy De Rosa and the School of Intuitive Studies. I’m also certified by Hay House as a Tarot and Oracle Reader.

It is my sincere desire and my calling to be a guide for those seeking help in an age where expanded consciousness is evolving as the one true path to living your purpose and best life. I look forward to working with you.